Data Protection

Data Protection

The protection of person-related data is of particular importance to Loewengroup. It is for this reason that our Internet-based activities are executed in accordance with the laws on data protection and data security. Please read the following text to learn about the information we collect and how we handle it.

We obtain information about the user through the form the user completes and returns to us, for instance the Contact Form with which the user provides us with contact information such as name, company, school name, email address, street, telephone and fax numbers and information on his education and training.

Loewengroup will never forward any person-related data Loewengroup may obtain through this website to third parties, unless Loewengroup is in possession of the user's written consent or Loewengroup is obliged to reveal the information for legal reasons. Loewengroup will only compile internal reports on user activity in the form of anonymised and summarised lists. A so-called cookie will be installed on your computer for this purpose; however, the cookie can never be linked to the information you provide via the Feedback Form. If you would prefer the cookie not be installed, please adjust your browser settings accordingly or refuse to accept the cookie. This will not affect the functionality of our website in any way.

Our website is protected by a range of security measures. We have also installed a number of mechanisms to ensure the data you provide cannot be lost, misused or modified (e.g. data storage in secure, guarded premises, use of passwords, etc.).

Children should not submit any person-related data to the Loewengroup website without parental consent or the approval of the supervising person. Loewengroup recommends every parent and supervising person to educate children with regard to the safe and responsible handling of person-related data on the Internet.

If you have questions or comments concerning data protection at Loewengroup you can contact us by completing the Contact Form on this website. The continuous development of the Internet will presumably have an effect on our data protection measures. We will publish any significant changes in good time on this webpage.